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С осени 2016 клубы Храма Сатаны в начальных школах Америки будут открывать школьникам мир рационализма окружающих природных чудес, а не страшилки вечного потустороннего ужаса

Опубликовано 30 июля 2016 The Satanic Temple

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Corporal punishment is legal in 19 states and over 200,000 children are legally hit in school each year. Thousands of children in public school in all 50 states are placed in solitary confinement. Despite being a basic violation of human rights, prevention of bathroom access is so commonplace that no government agency even bothers to track the number of incidents. Because The Satanic Temple defends bodily autonomy, such actions are not simply abusive, they violate our religious beliefs.

If you are a student in an American public school, and a member of The Satanic Temple, please register. We will write your school board and notify them that school faculty: hitting you, physically restraining you, depriving you use of the bathroom, or holding you against your will in an isolation room violates your civil rights under the First Amendment.

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